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Spray Drying Capabilities

Sterling has expertise to produce food grade pilot production, test productions, tolling of high value ingredients to gearing up full scale production, helping to reduce costs and timing of product launches.  The product capabilities range from creamers, milk powders, whey proteins, hydrolysates and bioactive peptides to custom production of food grade ingredients. We are inspected by the South Dakota State Agriculture Department, FDA, certified kosher by KOF-K, Halal, and follow cGMP and HACCP quality controls in each step of processing.

In-direct Heat Spray Drying

  • Dryer 1- 3 stage tall form spray dryer with baghouse or wet scrubber. 180lbs of water evaporation/hr.
  • Dryer 2- 3 stage tall form spray dryer with baghouse or wet scrubber. 2000lbs of water evaporation/hr.
  • Dryer 3- 3 stage tall form spray dryer with baghouse or wet scrubber. 4000lbs of water evaporation/hr.

Niro thin film evaporator with 13,000 lbs of water evaporation per hour at <10% solids.

High-Temperature Short Time
Three HTSTs capable of a wide range of product viscosities and temperatures. All are timed and sealed by the South Dakota State Agriculture Department.

VAT Pasteurization
Both of our vat pasteurizers are legal and sized at 1000 gallons and 2500 gallons.

Ten storage and processing tanks ranging from 2500 gallons to 10,000 gallons.

Ultrafiltration (24-3.8° filters; flux rate of 12 gpm with whey feed of 10% solids) and Microfiltration available for small runs. (20 to 300 gallons)

Decanter, clarifier and separator, 20 to 60 gpm

Sterilized and producing 200 to 300 gallons per day

45,000 lbs per vat

Services that add value
Sterling Technology has been in business since 1987 specializing in colostrum components. Sterling has the expertise to help with new product development all the way to full production.

Reliable partner
Sterling Technology has constructed an exemplary manufacturing facility and is the global leader in infant grade quality, consistency and innovation.

History of technical expertise
Sterling Technology continually develops innovative and authentic ingredients to meet nutritional needs of consumers, actively working in cooperation with research institutes and commercial enterprises building a solid foundation of knowledge for further expansion.

Serving many industries
Sterling Technology holds the leading market position in the manufacture of colostrum, processing colostrum for a wide and diverse range of industries including; pediatric and medical nutrition, sports nutrition, dietary supplementation, biotechnology (cell culture) and animal nutrition.


For more details and information contact:
Dustin Kjelden
VP of Operations
Ph: 605-692-5552