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Sterling Technology chose its name to exemplify its dedication to quality.  Our mission is to provide the food, natural product and animal health industries with the consistent high quality our reputation demands.

Our mission for the present and future is to be a leader in science and manufacturing technology.  We believe that colostrum holds many of the answers for good health and well being.

Sterling Technology is leading the way in colostrum biotechnology. Since 1987 Sterling has been producing quality colostrum and has been dedicated to the study of colostrum and its components. The company name “Sterling” was chosen as a reflection of our commitment to provide products of sterling quality and since colostrum is the only nutritional supplement we manufacture, we have perfected our processing and quality control methods to yield a potent product. We are dedicated to the use of science and research to produce innovative products to keep our customers happy and healthy, and will continue to supply companies with superior products to fit their needs.

Our Core Values
·  We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality colostrum at a fair price
·  We adhere to a strict code of ethics
·  We make every effort to listen to our customers and produce products that are effective and efficient
·  We believe that ingenuity, research and science are essential to quality and improvement
·  We are dedicated to promoting and educating consumers on the benefits of colostrum, and will continue to promote our products with facts and statements supported by solid scientific evidence